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Abanico de Plumas

Alegria II

All the Romance We Left Behind - unsigned Coffee Table Book of Fabian Perez


Anna at the Bar

Aros Rojo

At the Balcony in Buenos Aires

At the Door

At the Window 2

Baladas Buenos Aires

Balcony at Buenos Aires I

Balcony at Buenos Aires II

Balcony at Buenos Aires III

Balcony at Buenos Aires IV

Balcony at Buenos Aires IX

Balcony at Buenos Aires Near White Wall

Balcony at Buenos Aires V

Balcony at Buenos Aires VI

Balcony at Buenos Aires VII

Balcony At Buenos Aires VII Blanca

Balcony at Buenos Aires X

Balcony at Buenos Aires XI

Balcony Buenos Aires VIII

Black and Classic

Black and Classic II

Black Gloves

Black Gloves II

Black Guitar

Black Hat

Black Purse

Black Stones

Black Suit Red Wine

Blue and Red III

Brindis con Blanco

Brindis Con Champagne

Brindis Con Tinto II

Brocato Ochre

Brocatto Rosa


Brunette at the Balcony

Brunette at the Bar

Buenos Aires Nights


Calles de San Telmo

Calles de San Telmo II

Camino A La Gloria

Celina con Abanico

Celina con Lunaras Negros

Cenisientas of the Night

Cenisientas of the Night II


Christine at the Balcony

Cocktail in Maui

Collar de Perlas


Contolando La Bodega

Cortigiana Su Le Scale

Cynzia at Las Brujas

Cynzia at Las Brujas II

Cynzia II

Dancer in Black

Dancer in Red

Dancer In Red Black Dress

Dancer In Red Skirt

Dark Room I

Darya in Car With Lipstick

Diamante II

Dream in a Dream


El Aquacero

El Baile del Flamenco en Rojo

El Baile del Flamenco en Rojo II

El Devechazo

El Espejo

El Farol

El Federal Café

El Federal Cafe IV

El Paseo

El Paseo

El Reso

El Verde Sofa

El Verso Horizontal

El Verso Vertical

El Verso VI

Enjoying the Pleasures of the Night


Eugenia III

Eugenia IV

Eugenia VII

Fabian and Monica II

Face of Tango

Face of Tango II

First Blonde


Flamenco Dancer

Flamenco Dancer Bronze Scultpure

Flamenco Dancer II

Flamenco Dancer III

Flamenco Dancer in Black

Flamenco Dancer IV

Flamenco Dancer with Fan - Bronze

Flamenco II

Flamenco III

Flamenco V

For a Better Life II

For a Better Life II White Wine

For a Better Life III

For a Better Life Study in Pastel

For a Better Life VI

For a Better Life VII

For A Better Life VII Ladies Hands

Full Moon Empty Heart

Gathering at Las Brujas


Geisha en Turguesa

Geisha II

Geisha III

Geisha with Mirror


Giorgina II

Giorgina II 2nd State

Girl at the Bar with Red Light

Girl with Red Hair


Gitana II

Gloves Pearls

Guantas Negros

Guitar and Hat


Intimacy II


Juerga al Sol

Juerga al Sol II

La Colombiana con Abanico

La Juerga

La Peu Belle

La Revolera

La Veronica

Last Merlot

Late Night



Lettizia a la Siesta


Linda in Red

Linda in Red

Linda in Red II

Linda in Red III

Linda Smoking Under The Light

Little Dancer

Living Room IV

Lori with Black Hat

Love of Tango

Luciana and Camila

Luciana at Calles de San Telmo

Luciana at the Balcony

Luciana`s Diaries


Lucy In LA

Lucy in LA

Lunares Negros

Lunares Negros II

Lunares Negros V

Man at Red Bar

Man at the Bar III

Man in Black Suit

Man In Black Suit - Bronze

Man in Black Suit III

Man in the Black Suit II

Man in White Suit

Man in White Suit IV

Man in White Suit V

Man in White Suit VI

Man Lighting Cigarette

Man Lighting Cigarette

Man Lighting Cigarette at Bar - Bronze

Man Lighting Cigarette II

Man Lighting Cigarette III

Man Sitting in Chair - Bronze

Mananade Verano


Marcus III

Marcus in White II

Marcus VII

Marina by the Red Light


Marmol Negro

Marmol Negro II

Medias Negras

Medias Negras II

Medias Negras III

Medias Negras IV

Medias Negras V

Medias Negras VI

Medias Negras VII

Medias Negras VIII


Michiko II

Michiko III

Michiko VI

Michiko with White Umbrella


Monica II

Monika III



Natalia at Las Brujas

Noche Veneciana ( Venetian Nights)

Noches de Buenos Aires

Noches De Buenos Aires II

Noches de Buenos Aires III

Noches de Buenos Aires III

Noches De La Malavida

Noches De Malavida

Nocturnal Surprise


November Rain II Marissa

Outside Las Brujas

Palmas Flamencas

Paola on the Bed

Paola on the Bed II

Paola on the Couch

Pasion Flamenca

Performa's Break

Portrait of Luciana

Princess Diaries I

Princess diaries II

Princess Diaries III

Princess Diaries IV

Proud to be a Man

Proud to Be a Man III

Proud to be a Man IV

Proud to be a man V

Proud to Be a Man VII

Proud to be a Man VII

Red Hat

Red on Red IV

Red White and Rose I

Red White and Rose III

Red White and Rose IV

Reflections in the Sun

Renee on Bed I

Renee on Bed III

Rojo Sillon

Rojo Sillon II

Rojo Sillon III

Rojo Sillon III Second State

Rojo y Azul


Saba At Las Brujas

Saba at Las Brujas V

Saba at the Balcony

Saba at the Balcony VI

Saba at the Balcony VII

Saba at the Balcony VIII

Saba at the Balcony XIV at Red Wall

Saba on the Stairs

Saba on the Stairs III

Saba on the Stairs White Wall

Saba With Letter V

Saba With Red Wine

Samurai (Black and White)

Samurai (Color)


Sandra By The Red Sign

Second Blonde

Self Portrait

Self Portrait Artist

Self Portrait with Monica

Selling Pleasures

Selling Pleasures II

Senorita with Red Hair II

Sensual Touch in the Dark

Sensual Touch in the Dark II


Smoking Under the Light In White

Smoking Under the Light with White Suit

Sombrero Rojo Con Plumas


Study Catalina at the window

Study for 3 Girls in Bar

Study for 3 Girls in Bar II

Study for 3rd Blond

Study for a Better Life

Study For a Better Life IV

Study for Girl with Hat Size:

Study for Japanese Girl I

Study for Japanese Girl II

Study for Japanese Girl III

Study for Man in Black Suit

Study for Nocturnal Surprise II

Study for Paola

Study for Red on Yellow II

Study for Renee on Bed

Study for Tablado Flamenco II

Study For Tablado Flamenco V

Study for Tango in Paris

Study for Tango V

Study for Untitled II

Study for Woman with White Umbrella

Study of Monica

Study Of White


Tablado Flamenco

Tablado Flamenco IV

Tablado Flamenco II

Tablado Flamenco V


Tango - Bronze

Tango II

Tango III

Tango in Paris II

Tango in Paris in Black Suit

Tango in Red

Tango IV

Tango study in pastel

Tango VI

Tango VII

Terciopelo Rojo

Tercopelo Negro II


Tess II

Tess III

Tess VI


Tess X

The Bartender

The Cortasana of Venice

The Embrace II

The Embrace III

The Embrace VII

The Face of Tango

The Face of Tango II

The Gathering

The Living Room V

The Muse

The Noble Cortasana

The Old and the New Boss

The Proposal

The Proposal IV

The Proposal IX

The Proposal XI

The Proposal XII

The Red Lamp

The Singer

The Train Station V



Two Drinkers

Two for Tango

Untitled I

Untitled II

Untitled III

Untitled IV


Valerie at Las Brujas

Venetian Nights


Venitian Cortasanas

Victor Torres


Waiting for a Drink

Waiting for Customers

Waiting for Customers II

Waiting for Customers III Waiting for Customers III

Waiting for Romance to Come Back II

Waiting for the Romance to Come Back

When the Story Begins

White & Red II

White and Red

White Suit

White Tasting

White Umbrella

Wine Cellar

Wondering at Las Brujas


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