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Lex GonzalezLex Gonzalez:
Painting is a form of communication on the deepest and most lasting level. It outlasts many generations. Therefore, it must not deviate from the truth. As an artist whose work is collected by many around the globe, Lex Gonzalez holds this as his highest creed. This is most notably reflected in his works. Painting professionally for over forty years, artist Lex Gonzalez continues to leave his admirer's in awe of the poetic beauty that his work exudes. Born in Manila on October 31, 1938, Lex Gonzalez is the son of the late Felix Pinto Gonzalez, also a renowned artist. Along with his brothers and sisters, Lex Gonzalez was exposed to art early in his childhood.

Growing up in a creative environment sparked an early interest in the arts for Lex Gonzalez and his siblings. He nurtured this interest during his studies at the College of Architecture at Feati University in Manila. The education and training in architecture has played a pertinent role in how artist Lex Gonzalez creates his work, particularly with regard to the astonishing level of precision evident in his work. During his senior year in college, Lex Gonzalez went with his heart and decided to devote a full-time career to oil painting. In his first art competition, Lex Gonzalez won an award for his entry, "The Exile", at the National Art Contest in the Philippines. Soon thereafter, he achieved national recognition at the Philippine National Press Club Art Competition for his painting, "The Crucifixion". The turning point in his art career came in 1958 when he won the coveted First Prize for his piece entitled "The Golden Harvest" in the Philippine-American House at the National Exposition in Manila.

With all of the critical acclaim, artist Lex Gonzalez decided to open his own gallery, the Lex Gonzalez Art Gallery on United Nations Avenue in Ermita, Manila's art district. His paintings were now being sought after by art collectors, entertainers and political figures both locally and abroad. As the number of collectors swelled in the United States, Lex Gonzalez took to the notion of relocating his business to the US. In 1978, Lex Gonzalez, along with his wife and children, made the move to the U.S. Since then, the family has embraced Los Angeles, California as their home. An artist whose work has been noted as Romantic Realism, Lex Gonzalez is well known for his beautifully executed still lifes, landscapes, seascapes, equestrian scenes, head and figure studies, and portraits. His still lifes of roses bring out the beauty of the perennially loved flower at its best, second only to nature's creation.

Rino Gonzalez, Rino Gonzalez artRino Gonzalez:
With his extraordinary eye for detail, sense of exquisite style and love of storytelling, fine artist Rino Gonzalez has amassed a great following. Many around the world admire the artist's skill for creating such striking realism. "I try to put my subjects on canvas as realistically and as detailed as possible. However, I make sure I leave something for the viewer's imagination." the artist states. Only sixteen years old at the time, Rino Gonzalez, along with his family, emigrated to the United States from Manila, Philippines in 1978. Like his father and mentor Lex Gonzalez, Rino Gonzalez also grew up in an artistic environment and knew even at a very young age that he wanted to become a fine artist. Under the latter's tutelage, the young Gonzalez learned the traditional method of painting and spent his early years perfecting his pencil drawing and composition before he actually commenced the use of oil colors. As his father-mentor stressed, "A true artist must first learn how to draw proficiently. Only then will the application of oil colors on canvas, or any surface for that matter, come with ease and grace." To further his interest in the arts, Rino Gonzalez enrolled in the Arts Magnet at Fairfax High School in West Los Angeles. He later won several awards in art competitions during his college years as a Fine Arts major at the California State University, Los Angeles. The education he received there set the foundation for his chosen career in the arts. Upon completion of his university studies, he embarked on what is now considered an extensive career in fine art oil painting. The artist dabbled with a variety of subjects ranging from figure studies to landscapes and later chose to concentrate on still lifes. "I think every artist goes through periods of creating works in a given genre. I consider this time in my career to be the 'Still Life Period.' Although I have found a love in creating the still life, I put no boundaries on what my future work will represent," proclaims the artist. Art connoisseurs and collectors were quick to notice the artist's works ever since he first started to display them at a well-known art gallery in Los Angeles. His much sought after oil paintings are usually acquired even before completion. In addition, he has been commissioned to produce numerous paintings for art collectors both locally and abroad. The thirty-eight year old realistic painter continues to create at his studio in Los Angeles and has been featured in one-man and group art shows in California, Hawaii, and other states. Romance, combined with his eye for detail, allows his work to tell a story with a true emotion that has entranced numerous admirers around the world.

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