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Randy Cooper, Randy Cooper Sculpture, Randy Cooper ArtRandy Cooper
Randy Cooper's exquisite shadow sculptures captivate the eye with their simplicity and tease the mind with the subtle details in their shadows. The magic displayed by the exciting juxtaposition of image and shadow is a collector's dream. Both the art connoisseur and the casual browser become entranced and will stand for hours, fascinated by Randy's artistry.

Shadow Sculptures have been sweeping the nation and now have a foothold in Europe. Randy is largely self-taught, with little formal art education. However, he has acquired a definite artistic bent through his family: his mother is a master carver who creates magnificent birds, and his sister is a skilled artist and author. Randy is a full-time sculptor living in the Southwest with his wife Susan, an environmental engineer and artist who works primarily in pastel, oil and acrylic, and his son Ryan, a student and hockey player. After working successfully in clay, artificial stone and bronze, Randy began creating intriguing and magical sculptures in iron wire mesh, which cast fine, drawing-like shadows ("Shadow Sculptures") on the wall.

He works with models, which give his work an uncanny, life-like quality. His inherent understanding of materials and his power of concentration have allowed him to develop his own intuitive techniques in creating these dynamic sculptures. Randy works the wire mesh much as a painter works a canvas with brushes: with his large, powerful hands, he fashions each Shadow Sculpture, lovingly creating original, classical forms that are alive with motion and grace. The shadows take on a life of their own and sometimes look uniquely different from the original image. By changing the position of the light source or by moving the sculpture slightly, a whole new work of art is brought to life. The popularity of his art work has increased their value in a very short time. The magical beauty of his sculpture, along with their reasonable cost, make the purchase of a Randy Cooper Shadow Sculpture an excellent acquisition for any collector.

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